How To Use Mental Rehearsal To Nurture Your Aural Imagination; And Your Musical Memory...

...So You Can Find Your Own Sound And Experience The Freedom Of Letting Go And Playing By Ear.


I want to talk to you today about what is hands-down one of the most important musical ideas you could ever learn. 

But first, have you ever thought to yourself:

  •  Why can’t I just get this jazz thing down?

  • Why does it come so easily for some cats, but not for me?

  • Why is my playing inconsistent and unreliable?

  • Why can I never think of what to play next?

  • Why can’t I just play what I hear in my head? My hands just won’t do what I want them to!

If so, I assure you that you are not alone. 

You see, most jazz education – and I mean everything from method books to theory classes to private lessons to YouTube videos – it’s all kind of setup backwards.

It’s overwhelming. It encourages mediocrity, lacks focus on the ear & the aural imagination, and it ensures that you develop major holes in your playing. So you never have a chance in hell at playing what you hear and feel.

The Sad Fact Is That Most Cats NEVER:

  • Acquire mastery of their instrument.
  • Learn how to play by ear
  • Understand how to feed their aural imagination

So, they’re destined to play half baked lines.

Their stuck having to THINK hard just to play a note or idea and so they struggle just to get through a solo.

Their music isn’t inspiring or exciting to listen to. It’s shaky at best.

And, playing music that way is just not fun – it’s frustrating as hell.

But when do short cuts ever work with music.

That’s why you and I have bookshelves full of method books and DVDs.


Learning Jazz The Right Way Is Actually The Fastest
And In Fact ONLY Way To Play Jazz.

With the right approach to playing you end up in an 'upward spiral of improvement'.

As you incorporate the right habits and strategies into your music routines you quickly learn and assimilate great music and the musical elements that you want to add to your playing.

As you add more and more of these elements and this vocabulary to your musical imagination, your ears grow stronger and your imagination grows faster and deeper.

Then you can learn and grow as a player even more quickly. And you start to really enjoy the process.

Well, I’m excited to tell you that after ~20 years of struggling myself – after working on too many books, abstract exercises and ‘physical’ music I finally discovered the one truth I had been missing for all those years.

And after a ton of trial and error practice and hard work I’ve developed a system to approach music the right way.

So you strengthen your ear-body-instrument connection.

So music literally becomes easy.

So it becomes fun again.

So it becomes natural and unbelievably fulfilling.

So your playing starts to turn heads on the bandstand.

And so cats start to respect you and dig your playing.

Imagine finding out that other musicians are talking about how good you sound behind your back instead of the alternative.

Pretty cool;)

When you learn how to tap into the incredible power of your musical imagination and the awesome power of mental rehearsal you unlock your musical talent. And Become a Monster Jazz Musician.



Tap Into Your Musical Imagination, Harness the Power Of Mental Rehearsal, And Play What You Hear

Here's the deal:

The Mindful Music Method is an online course which means that you’ll get instant access to it. The Mindful Music Method is a multimedia course laid out in 6 modules clocking in at just under 4 hours of Mindful Music content. The videos will work on any computer or mobile device.

Let’s take a look at each of the six modules:


Module 1 presents an important overview of Inner Practice and Mental Rehearsal including the many possibilities and applications of this powerful, life-changing technique.

Discover the connection and impact that musical memory has on improvisation & creativity and why you should consider adding these kinds of techniques to your musical activities and practice routine. immediately

And finally we'll discuss an overview of HOW you can apply and use inner practice & mental rehearsal.

Included in module 1:

  • How to easily internalize ‘musical memories’ so you can begin to unlock your own musical personality and connect your ear to your instrument
  • How to nurture, feed and grow your musical imagination and creativity
  • Using mental rehearsal to imprint and master any musical skill more quickly and more accurately
  • How to think in the 'language of music' the way you think in English or your native tongue
  • How to practice, master, and internalize any line, melody, or lick into your vocabulary so it just ‘comes out’ at the gig without you having to force it or think about

The little known step by step method that you can use to add any super hip element you’d like to your own music


Module 2 will dig into the brain science behind practicing, learning, and creating musical memory & skill. This will allow you to more easily apply the concepts and also help you explore the profound possibilities of these concepts.

Like a user’s manual for the impressive computer between your ears.

Included in module 2:

  • Discover how musical learning works
  • A ‘proverbial’ user’s manual for the unbelievable supercomputer between your ears.
  • The concept of ‘Hebbian Learning’. The implications are huge. Nutshell: you can learn and advance as a musician at any age, stage, or level of ability. It's programmed into your brain!
  • How to control the ongoing feedback loop running in your mind (whether you know it or not).
  • How to use the right kind of repetition in the practice room so you can avoid creating bad habits and ensure maximum benefit to your playing.
  • A simple method to take your musical concentration to the next level.


Module 3 will cover the principles underlying successful mental rehearsal and inner practice such as personal mode, concentration, proper repetition, the law of accumulation and the 3 steps to musical mastery.

Included in module 3:

  • The power of ‘multi-sensory’ inner practice. This is taken directly from accelerated learning technique so you’ll be able to learn faster and deeper. Of course that also means you play better, faster.
  • Discover a simple technique to reprogram your head so you can undo ANY bad habits you’d like and create new ones you want.
  • How to make music easy – hint: Music is easy for the top players. Not because of talent. Because they've made it that way. Now you can too.
  • How to use your own ‘personal mode’ to make your musical journey more fun, more joyful and much more natural.
  • The little known method to dramatically expand your musical awareness. Awareness is the key to all musical and personal growth.



This module will explore the different types of mental rehearsal and inner practice. I'll share ideas you can use to practice anything: from specific lines, melodies, or chords; to improvisation concepts and techniques; to exercises and patterns; and even abstract psychological concepts.

Included in Module 4:

  • The brain dead simple technique that will help you achieve any musical goal you want
  • The powerful NLP technique that will help you create any new belief, trait, or skill you want
  • The single pitch methode that you can use to  connect your ear to your instrument no matter what your current ability
  • How to change limiting attitudes and beliefs. Everything we do and achieve with music is a direct result of our attitudes and beliefs. Now you can decide what they’ll be. (This’ll make you happier too!)
  • Gain control over your emotional and mental state so you can be centered, strong and confident on the bandstand
  • How to use inner practice to beat stage fright, nervousness and onstage jitters


Now that we've covered the principles, the science, and the possibilities for applying inner practice we're gonna dive deep into the actual processes and techniques that you can use to advance any musical area you choose to focus on

Included in Module 5:

  • The ‘back and forth’ method you’ll use to internalize sounds, melodies, harmonies, or rhythms
  • How to create a strong mind/body connection so the music 'flows' effortlessly from your ear and out through your instrument
  • Learn how to program your own mental computer and create the outcomes you want with your music using mental rehearsal.
  • Discover a largely unknown, untaught practice technique that will strengthen your confidence and courage on the bandstand
  • Using a technique called modeling to assimilate elements of the sound, vibe, and vocabulary of your musical heroes into your own musical personality.
  • The simple technique to stop negative patterns that have been running in your brain for years – are there any musical issues you've been struggling with for years? You’re running big patterns. Time to kill the patterns and start conquering those musical issues.


In this module will wrap it all up and apply the specific processes and techniques you'll use to advance and deepen your playing.

Included in Module 6:

  • The step by step method to feed your creative wellspring so you’ll never be at loss for ideas again
  • The simple paradigm that will force you to ‘think musically’ like the masters as opposed to 'mechanically' like novices.
  • How to practice away from you instrument – in the shower, on the bus, at the beach. This can be as effective as playing your actual instrument if it’s done the right way.
  • Discover a simple paint by numbers approach to tap into the potential built into your imagination
  • How to relax your body and develop excellent posture
  • How to develop the master’s mind set
  • And much more...

"I’ve been a fan of Hal Crook’s books and method. Chris’ videos are the next step to reinforce how to practice improvisation that compliment these books. ….a great addition to a jazzer’s library of learning …but more practical than most books that try to help you to play jazz."

John Kozinski
Becket, MA

"The Monster Jazz Formula for me has been a delightful approach in learning the basics of creation, awareness and deep inner feelings, thank you very much"

Armando Salazar
Quito, Ecuador, South America

"Your knowledge is great, but on top of that, it is the way you present that makes it unique. You do not make any tricks or give away half-hearted information and I have learned a lot from your materials. It is great that you cover up the mental topics as well, not just technical stuff. We are lucky to be able to wade through your methods!"

Bruno T.

"I’ve gone through a few of Chris’ courses. The concepts in here are essential to mastering your instrument. I struggle with knowing what to practice from the wealth of information that there is. Using the Monster Jazz Formula, I’ve made more progress in the last couple months than at any other time. I’ve also gained confidence in playing which feels great…Thanks Chris!"

Troy H.
B.C. Canada

"I have been playing for over 45 years, and have studied with some of the world’s best teachers. But as a teacher I see students become overwhelmed with the amount of available information and what to do with it in the limited hours of a day. Your systems allow for individualized pinpoint focus…This is something that I have never found taught in the field of music before, and I swear by your material…keep it up!"

Chuck Decker
South Jersey

"You have a direct and genuine approach to the development and sharing of knowledge which makes the medicine go down with great ease. It is satisfying to have a kind of jazz-practice guardian-angel!"

Liam Fionescu
London, England

"After millions of methods about WHAT to study, finally a method that lets you understand HOW to study to reach your real musical goals! Thank you Chris!"

Maurizio Iosa
Rome, Italy

"Great stuff, teaches you how to teach yourself, teaches you how to be better, a better musician, a better person. One step at a time, and you will achieve your goals in no time."

Vuk Bradic
Belgrade, Serbia

I’ve Been On A Quest To Discover The Best Ways To Practice And Learn Jazz For Many Years.

Nothing else I’ve come across comes close to rivaling the power and effectiveness of inner hearing, inner practice and mental rehearsal. Period.

Your voice, your musical personality, your vocabulary and your improvisations all come from your musical memory and your aural imagination.

And The Mindful Music Method presents the most effective ways for you to feed that imagination.

If you’re ready to take your music to the next level…you can.

…if you’re ready to start playing what you hear, feeding your aural imagination, and bringing some love back to your playing…you can.

I show you how in The Mindful Music Method.


You'll get lifetime access to all of the following:

All 23 Course Videos

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MMM Mindmaps

You also get the mind maps from the actual course. Mind Maps are one of the best ways to organize and learn complex concepts. 

Practice Maps

These 3 maps will serve as step-by-step quick-start plans to help you apply powerful proven practice strategies to your playing, immediately.

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EVERYTHING you need to start tapping into the power of mindful practice and mental rehearsal.

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