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Firstly, if you have any questions about the course material send them to [email protected]

Same goes for any support issues – problem with videos, the website, etc. Just shoot an email over to [email protected].

Here’s how to get the most out of the content in the Member’s area:

I sometimes advise cats to go through an entire course once before putting anything into practice – Watch all the videos, read the content, look over the checklists, cheat sheets, etc.

Then once you have a good overall feel for the material you can go back through and begin to practice the concepts, exercises, drills, etc.

With that said, everyone has their own style of learning and practice. What works for one cat may not work at all for another. So, use the lessons and courses in any way that works for you! If that means watching one video, pulling out one idea that you connect with, and putting that idea to work in the shed, that's totally!

There is no right or wrong way to progress. Whatever feels natural and produces results for you, is the RIGHT way.

Dig It,

Chris Cooke


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