Discover actionable techniques you can use to feed, nurture,
and unlock your musical creativity.

Which of These Creativity Killing Mistakes Are You Making?

Here’s a quick list of things that kill your creativity

1. A theoretical, mechanical, play by numbers approach to improvisation.

This is 'thinking music' rather than 'ear music'. I don’t care how smart a person is, the thinking mind is not anywhere near fast enough to play jazz. Besides, that’s just not how music works. Your ear is your source for musical creativity.

2. Failure to feed the fires:  Nothing in. Nothing out.

We need vocabulary to play jazz with. The more vocabulary we have the more possibilities we have to create. The more deep the internalization of this vocabulary, the more profound our creative possibilities. Wiggling our fingers over the right chord scale at the right time will never produce creative music.

3. Waiting for luck, the amateur’s approach.

The amateur struggles with writer’s block. Waiting for something good to fall into their lap.

The pro (I mean a cat with a pro attitude, not necessarily a working musician) creates because they must.

They use systems, methods, techniques and tools to get the ball rolling. Overtime these things become habitual and natural. These are things like ‘combinatory practice’, ‘forced modification’, ‘thematic development devices’, etc.

After awhile the pro isn’t even aware he’s using these things. It’s just natural. And after YOU start using these for a time they will become natural and normal for you too.

4. Creative Atrophy.

Use it  or lose it, Bub. The creative cat creates regularly. By writing, by playing, by exploring, by attending sessions, by journaling, by experimenting and so on.

Who Else Wants to Unlock Their Musical Creativity?

It’s time to squash these creativity killers, take control of your music, and unlock your creativity. To help you do that I’ve taken all the best lessons, creative methods, systems and techniques that I’ve discovered, and collected over the years and put them all together in an online course. It’s called Unlocking Your Musical Creativity and it’s available now on sale.

There’s no other resource that I’ve found that breaks the process down into simple systems and methods.

Systems and methods that anyone can use feed, nourish and unlock your creativity. And to put together the complex puzzle that is creativity.

You can apply the techniques in the course and start generating more ideas in just one or two practice sessions.

Within 30 days – WHEN YOU PUT THE CONCEPTS TO WORK – You can radically transform your playing and be on the path to becoming a very creative musician.

Three months down the line you’re a completely different cat.

Your Creativity is Alive and Well.

It’s Just Waiting to Be Set Free.

Yes! I'm ready to unlock my creativity!



You Are Creative

In module 1 you will discover the natural state of the universe which will help you understand and perceive your own natural state of creativity.

  • Discover the two creative modes of sound and theory that will allow you to maximize your creative output. With this information you’ll be able to tap into the creative potential of your whole brain which is significantly more powerful than the limited way most cats approach music.
  • Explore a '50,000 foot view of the creative process for ‘Unlocking Your Creativity’ that will set the stage for your creative transformation.
  • You’ll also get the ‘Big Picture’ creativity process map that will make it easy for you to absorb these concepts and get much faster results.


  • In module 2 you'll learn the four core elements of musical ethics, why they are so important for a jazz musician and how to begin uncovering your own musical personality.
  • You’ll discover where your sound comes from and what you can do to find it and develop it.
  • Learn the inch wide/mile deep concept that you can use to begin creating an original musical voice.
  • I’ll share with you a truly profound lesson I learned from the great pianist Ran Blake that will not only make you a better, more exciting musician, it will make music much more fulfilling and enjoyable.
  • You will also get my personal ‘musical ethics’ mind map that will help you lay your foundation for musical originality.


  • In module 3 you will discover 10 ways to awaken your muse so you can get the creative ideas flowing and tap into the creative potential of your own mind.
  • I’ll show you the 4 mandatory conditions for a highly creative practice environment so you can easily get into the creative mindset and kick-start the creative process.
  • You’ll discover my personal 7 step method for getting into the zone and tapping into your creativity.
  • And to get you going as fast as possible you'll get my own ‘muse preparation’ quick start sheet.
  • You will also learn powerful methods for nourishing your creativity, collecting source ideas and how to use what I call the ‘ Stravinsky Method of creative release’.


  • In Module 4 I’ll show you how to feed your creative wellspring so you can have an endless source of creative inspiration, creative ideas and creative discovery.
  • You’ll learn about short term and long term musical memory, what it means for your music and how to leverage it for huge creative musical output.
  • Learn how to create history playlists, personal soundscapes and connected listening plans that will have you overflowing with musical ideas.
  • Discover the exact step by step process I use to feed my aural imagination and create long term musical memories.
  • And you will also discover the four types of listening you can use to purposefully expand your musical imagination and add any specific musical elements to your playing that you choose.


  • In module 5 you’ll discover 7 robust creativity methods you can use to get the creative ball rolling so you can generate more ideas and possibilities than you can use. Hint: Some of those ideas are bound to be true gems.
  • I’ll show you 11 types of forced modification you can easily use to develop your vocabulary, language and endless variations.
  • I’ll share with you 2 of the most powerful creative idea and problem solving tools I know – Mindstorming and Mindmapping.
  • Discover 11 questions you can use to find and create truly original and unique variations, arrangements, solos and new ideas.
  • And of course I’ll show you how you can combine any of the ideas in this module to quickly come up with even more ideas and creative output.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole We Go... In my opinion there is almost nothing in the world more exciting than the creative process. As these techniques and methods become natural and automatic you will become a creative monster.


  • In module 6 you will learn how to keep your creative muscles strong so you can continue to create original licks, lines, tunes, arrangements, etc.
  • Discover 8 ways you can use simple writing exercises to sharpen your creative skills and to keep your creative muscles in peak shape.
  • You’ll learn the exact process to create new vocabulary beginning with 1. choice, 2. the writing process and finally 3. vocabulary assimilation.
  • Discover a simple technique to create variations of licks, lines, melodies, etc that you can use to create and develop original new vocabulary and language for yourself.
  • In the short time it takes you to absorb these concepts your creative transformation will already be underway and will be, in many ways, unstoppable.

My goal in creating this course has always been to provide you and other jazz musicians like you and I, with the tools, techniques and methods to kick start and unlock your creative juices…to unlock your musical creativity in the fastest way possible.

So you can experience the awesomeness of the creative process. So you can come up with ideas on demand when it counts.

So you can build and develop a vocabulary as a jazz musician that is truly individual, unique and flexible.

And above all else, so you can communicate creatively with your band mates and your audience members.

So sometime in the not so distant future some cat says to you after your solo: "Damn, dude. Where do you even come up with that stuff? You’re crushing it!"



Plus, when you get your Unlocking Your Musical Creativity you'll also be getting all of these awesome bonuses.

Bonus 1: The Muse Checklist

This one page checklist will serve as a handy cheat sheet to ensure that your creative muse shows up and does her part. 

Bonus 2: The Creative Listening 'One sheet'

All the basics of creative listening distilled down onto one page that will serve as a cheat sheet for your listening work.

Bonus 3: The Copping Jazz Vocabulary Process Map

This is a 'plug and play' learning paradigm that you can use immediately to start developing your vocabulary.

Bonus 4: The ‘Put it Through the Wringer’ Process Map

This practice process map will help you internalize and assimilate your new vocabulary into your musical voice

Bonus 5: The Creativity S.C.A.M.P.E.R.R. Process Map

S.C.A.M.P.E.R.R. is a powerful 8 part creative idea generating method. This method alone make you a much more creative cat.

Bonus 6: The Course Mind Maps

These mind maps will help you to really understand how the methods work together and will serve as quick at-a-glance cheat sheets.

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