How to Have the Best Practice Sessions Of Your Life
And Start Getting Better, Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.


Greetings Fellow Jazzer!

My name is Chris Cooke. And I’ve been playing & teaching jazz for a long time now. About 25 years. In that time I’ve learned a thing or two about practicing & learning music.

For one thing, nobody really WANTS to practice. What we WANT to do is to play at a higher level. We want to kill it on the bandstand in front of an audience. We want to express ourselves, swing hard and generally be an all around jazz badass.

The inconvenient truth however, is that to REALLY play we gotta practice. I think we all know this on some level.

It’s more than that though. We have to practice WELL. Not just log long hours. I mean what is it that really separates the top jazz players from the mediocre majority of players?

Answer: Excellent Practice Skills & Habits. The Best Players Are Simply Good At Getting Better.

For Those Cats Who Don't Know How To Practice It's a Total Struggle - Ripe With Frustration & Failure

  • Confusion, overwhelm, and frustration are the norm in the practice room
  • Progress is inconsistent & slow at best - nonexistent at worst.
  • There is a total lack of clarity about what to practice and how to practice it. "Am I practicing the right stuff? Am I even getting any better? Am I doing it right?"
  • The aforementioned struggles inevitably lead to self-doubt: "Do I even have what it takes?"
  • Over time, practice feels more like a prison sentence than a creative, productive, learning session.

When You Get Good At Practicing Something
Very Cool Will Happen To You.

I'm happy to tell you that jazz doesn't have to be a struggle. In fact being armed with excellent practice skills will make the experience very different for you.

  • Instead of being confused and overwhelmed you’ll be in control. You’ll KNOW how to get better, and it will be clear what to work on next.

  • Your progress with music will become much more consistent and steady. Sure, you’ll hit some bumps along the way, but you’ll have the tools to navigate the path to mastery.

  • You won’t have to wonder if what you’re doing is even working. The results will speak for themselves.

  • As you experience consistent progress you’ll feel confident in your ability to take it as far as you want and to achieve a high level of ability.

  • Instead of practicing being a drag it will be fun. Consistent progress with your playing is one heck of motivator. And it’s a freaking blast!





The Jazz Practice Blueprint was designed to show you exactly how to get good at practicing. The Jazz Practice Blueprint is an online multimedia jazz practice course that shows you all the tips, tools and practice strategies you need to start killing it in the practice room and beyond. There are 8 modules all together with screen shot videos, audio and lesson map PDF's.


In the first module we'll revisit the essential practice basics.

  • Discover the irrefutable laws of practice. Put these laws to work for your music and get better faster.

  • How to slash through frustrating musical obstacles and bust out of practice room ruts with just 1 simple strategy.

  • 5 simple techniques that will maximize your practice time so you make more progress in less time.

  • Discover the single biggest mistake that would-be jazz musicians make that ensures they never get good at playing.


There’s a reason we call the greatest players of all time ‘the masters’. In this module you’ll discover exactly what mastery is and how to achieve it with your music using the power of habit force.

  • Discover 1 important principle that will allow you to put your progress on autopilot.

  • Discover how to use 'plasticity of the brain' to rewire your central operating system and transform your musical journey.

  • How to create new musical habits and patterns at will. There are patterns and habits in all areas of your music - from your technique to your beliefs to your practice habits. These patterns, good or bad, determine exactly how far you will make it with your music.

  • How to engage in Deliberate Practice and Mindful Repetition - 2 of the master keys to musical success.


  • Discover your own personal mode so you can practice in a way that feels 'right' and is easy for you. (Hint: You might be struggling simply because you’re going against your own personal mode.)

  • Discover how to connect your physical body & instrument to your ears so the music can flow out effortlessly without thinking or struggling.

    How to tap into the truly amazing resources already available to you within your brain. (Hint: experts estimate that we use only a fraction of our potential. Tap into the rest  and accelerate your progress.)


  • Discover what talent really is, how it works, and how to 'create it' for yourself.

  • How to tap into the same habits and resources that the masters and 'geniuses do so you can get the same results they do.

  • How to unlock and unleash your own personal motivation so getting better isn't a drag or struggle any more

  • Discover how much you must actually practice every day.

  • Plus you’ll also get 5 'plug and play' practice routines so you just get started, getting better right away.


  • Discover 3 learning paradigms that will move your playing forward more quickly than possibly anything else you do to with practice.

  • Learn the path to mastery, how mastery works and how to practice so you get to mastery...this will ultimately make playing real jazz easy and effortless.

  • How to use mindful deliberate practice gain complete control of your progress. (hint: this is how the great players do it).


  • Learn 4 advanced practice strategies that you can use to get better even faster.

  • Discover the one practice technique that will have the most dramatic effect on your musical progress.

  • How to tap into the power of your whole brain - both 'sides' - to rapidly accelerate your practice.

  • How to leverage your practice activities and nail a topic with an advanced strategy called ‘topic integration’.


  • Discover the great saboteur of artistic success: resistance - and how it sabotages your efforts at every turn and what you can do about it.

    Dial in your practice so it becomes fulfilling, fun, and ultimately gets you through any musical obstacle you put to the test.

    Discover the types of non-empowering practice that can actually make you a worse player and how you can avoid it.

    1 idea that will ensure that you are getting better each and every day. If you've ever known a player that is really good, this is how they did it.


  • 4 essential tools that will empower you to make more improvement, more quickly.

  • Use key practice tools to expand your awareness of sound, including: musical elements, body tension, thoughts, time and tempo.

  • Discover 13 powerful ways to use these simple practice room tools to strengthen your time and rhythm, nail your technique, get laser sharp focus, and expand your musical awareness.


The Bonus Course!

Plus when you get started today, you'll also get a free course called Beyond The Practice Room.

Obviously, what happens in the practice room is VERY important. But your musical activities OUTSIDE of the practice room also have a huge impact on your success as an improviser. Beyond The Practice Room is your guide to jam sessions, listening, gigs, concerts, and m.ore



  • Discover the 1 concept that can mean the difference between playing real jazz (That other cats can dig) and hacking out scales and patterns (That put other cats to sleep).

  • How to balance your musical activities so you advance quickly as possible AND avoid burnout and boredom.

  • The 9 areas of musical development - if they're working in harmony you're gonna get better and better - if they're out of whack, you'll struggle.

  • Learn how to bring balance to your music and your musical life so you maximize your musical efforts and make more progress, more quickly.


  • How to bring balance to your practice routines so you get killer chops, develop your improv skills, have fun, AND nurture your musical spirit.

  • Learn how to stay out of the 'exercise trap' that is responsible for many a boring jazz wannabe.

  • How to find the creative and playful way to work on any topic so practice isn't something you dread and so you don't become a robotic finger wiggler of a player.

  • How to make your practice fun, fulfilling and enjoyable so you actually WANT to do it as much as possible.


  • How to use the Power Practice Paradigm to maximize your listening and feed your aural imagination.

  • How to tie your listening in to your instrumental work for maximum results in the shed.

  • Discover 2 ways you must be using listening in your practice sessions.

  • The exact step by step method I use for listening (Inspired by the great pianist Ran Blake) that is like pouring gasoline on your creative fires.


  • Why you must see live music and how to make sure it isn't a waste of time.

  • How to prepare for a live show so you get the most bang for your buck.

  • How to choose the 'right' music to spend your time and money seeing.

  • How to leverage live gigs, shows and concerts so you get the most benefit possible - for your playing, for your ears and for your career (even if you just play part time)


  • How to assemble practice bands and rehearsal groups - having the right people means the difference between success and frustration.

  • Discover 7 ways to focus your band so you get better at jazz instead of sound like a noodling jam band.

  • How to use practice partners to maximize your own practice efforts, make practice more fun and to practice anything.

  • 6 Things you must consider when organizing your group if you want your band to sound good.

  • 9 Ways to effectively shed with a practice partner.


  • Discover 6 reasons why you must take advantage of jam sessions.

  • How to prepare for a jam session and 'set yourself up to win' (i.e. sound good!).

  • 10 ways to make sure you sound as good as possible and get invited back up to play next time.

  • How to tie your jam sessions into your time in the shed to maximize your practice and to sound better at the next session.

"After millions of methods about what to study, finally a method that lets you understand how to study to reach your real musical goals! Thank you Chris!"

Maurizio Iosa
Rome, Italy

"I’ve been a fan of Hal Crook’s books and method. Chris’ videos are the next step to reinforce how to practice improvisation that compliment these books. ….a great addition to a jazzer’s library of learning …but more practical than most books that try to help you to play jazz."

Ginny Simonds

"Now, one can understand exactly what Michael Brecker and Bill Evans were talking about, when they said they were concentrating on very small portions of music and learning them as thoroughly as possible. Great job man and thanks a lot !"

Guy Shkolnik


You'll get lifetime access to all of the following:

The Main Course

Designed to show you exactly how to get good at practicing the The Jazz Practice Blueprint features 8 modules with 34 lesson videos. Plus you also get 34 audio tracks and lesson map PDFs.

The Bonus Course

You'll get Beyond The Practice Room totally free (reg price: $97). With 21 lesson videos, audios, and lesson maps this one will help get your extracurricular activities dialed in.

Course Resources

You'll receive all course resources including streamable and downloadable videos that will play on any device, audio tracks, lesson mindmaps, and lifetime access.

Practice Planner

This 1-page practice planner will make killer practice sessions the norm. You can keep track of it all on one page so you know exactly what to do in the shed today and beyond.

Practice Maps

You’ll also be getting five killer practice process maps that you can use as at-a-glance cheat sheets and quick-start guides.

Done-For-You Practice Plans

These plans break down 5 big musical topics into easy to digest bite size pieces including: chord tone soloing, major keys, learning tunes, playing in 5/4, and getting gis

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