Discover the building blocks of the jazz language as you develop harmonic control, build rhythmic vocabulary and explore time-tested improvisational techniques.


Blow over real jazz tunes, develop rhythmic vocabulary, play in all 12 keys, and lay the foundation for true harmonic control.


Learning to play jazz, improvise, and find an original sound is a tall order. In fact, many, many students struggle to ever get their jazz chops together.

  • They don't have a basic understanding of how jazz improvisation and making the changes really works and that makes it difficult to progress

  • They don't know what to practice, how to practice, or where to even begin with the mountain of stuff to learn

  • They often get lost on their solos, struggle to make the changes, and have to play by 'thinking' about what chord they're on.

  • Playing in all 12 keys is a nearly impossible for them. If someone calls a standard in a different key, it's game over.

  • They don't have inconsistent time and a very limited rhythmic fact they often feel like they're playing the same 1 or 2 rhythms over and over

  • They struggle to play by ear, let their ear guide their improvisation, and so they sound like they're just noodling on chord personality, no creativity


The 5 Week Jazz Musician makes learning to play jazz easy by breaking the whole process down into easy to follow, bite size pieces. The course lays it out for you, step by step. Even if you’re just getting started with improvisation, you’ll be blowing over real jazz tunes in a matter of a few weeks.


First of all with this method, you begin improvising from the very beginning. Like in the first lesson. Soon improvising becomes natural and easy for you.


You understand how the jazz puzzle works. And you know exactly which piece comes next. (In fact, this method literally lays out the steps to take.)


You will no longer feel stressed out when it’s your turn to blow. In fact you’ll be able to blow in all twelve keys and easily make the changes.


Perhaps best of all, you’ll see the path to playing real jazz laid out before you. And you’ll know exactly how to go down that path.


Instead of a practice plan that reads “Practice Jazz” you’ll know exactly what you gotta do in the shed  and how to do it. You’ll actually see yourself getting better each day.


Pretty soon, you’ll be invited to play sessions, sit in at jams and eventually even start getting called for the gig.


Blow over real jazz tunes, develop rhythmic vocabulary, play in all 12 keys, and lay the foundation for true harmonic control.


Your Jazz Foundation

  • You get 20 Must Know Jazz Rhythms Which Will Give You Rhythmic Vocabulary So You Can Begin Using Real Jazz Rhythms in Your Own Solos and Practice.
  • You’ll discover the difference between ‘straight 8’ feel vs. ‘swing feel’ and how to play and interpret both so you can improve your reading, time feel and improv chops.
  • You get a call and response lesson which will help you develop your ears so you can transcribe, play by ear and be a better all around musician.
  • You’ll find out how to use the ‘circle’ to practice jazz and develop technique & musical fluency all while getting good at maneuvering common jazz chord changes.
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  • You’ll discover the foundations of the ‘target practice’ concept. And you’ll get started improvising (using target practice of course) over an original tune, that goes through all 12 keys!
  • And much more…

The Building Blocks of Improvisation

  • Learn about syncopation so you can give your playing ‘forward motion’ and use anticipation & delay to make melodies sound hip.
  • Develop your sense of time and rhythm through call and response exercises so you can pull rhythms you dig off the records.
  • Introduction to intervals and the building blocks of digital patterns & scales.
  • Discover digital patterns that will help you easily improvise in all 12 keys and build your improvisation chops one simple step at a time.
  • How to use the ‘Circle’ to practice digital patterns in all 12 keys so you can get the chops and flexibility to play over real jazz changes.
  • Continue building your improvisation skills using digital patterns, syncopated rhythms and target practice over the original tune ‘Circle Time’.
  • And much more…

Making the Changes Like a Pro

  • Discover the ‘wwhwwwh’ formula that will unlock the world of scales for you.
  • How to effectively use and practice with a metronome so you can develop your sense of time and ultimately swing your butt off.
  • One of the hallmarks of a real jazz musician is their flexibility to play tunes in multiple keys. You’ll discover a simple ‘transposition’ exercise that will get you started developing your own harmonic flexibility.
  • Of course, you’ll continue with the next step of the ‘Digital Pattern’ system. As you move through this system you will effortlessly & incrementally develop your improv ability and sophistication.
  • By the time you get through this lesson you will be well on your way to developing the melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and theoretical mastery that is so key to playing real jazz. (And it won’t be overwhelming to do it!)
  • You’ll be learning a new tune in this lesson as well: Sweet Georgia Peach and you’ll be improvising using simple digital patterns and your new rhythmic vocabulary.
  • And Much More..

Effortless Improvisation

  • Using target practice to improvise freely with rhythmic motives so you can become fluent, fluid and natural with your rhythmic phrasing.
  • How to use key signatures and the order of sharps/flats to build scales and digital patterns.
  • Introduction to chord scale theory and how to master your major scales so you can unlock all the chord scales, jazz scales, the bebop scale and more exotic scales.
  • Discover the 3 step ear training paradigm that you can use to develop your pitch recognition, learn melodies by ear and transcribe the music you love.
  • How to use free improvisation with the ‘first five’ and the ‘circle’.
  • In case you haven’t noticed we are slowly and effortlessly developing your improvisation chops one simple step at a time. This will make improvisation normal and natural for you. It’s a much better approach than jumping into the ‘deep end’ and ‘just playing what you hear’. And it’s only taken you a few weeks to get to this point!
  • And much more…

Rhythmic & Harmonic Control

  • Developing rhythmic flexibility and rhythmic vocabulary with motives and themes.
  • How to use target practice to fix 1 ‘musical variable’ so we can focus on another – this is one of the master keys to becoming a solid improviser.
  • Theory lesson: stacking triads on a major scale. (Once you’re finished with this course you will have a huge chunk of the necessary skills and knowledge to play jazz at a high level. When you learn in a balanced and step by step fashioned it’s not so hard!)
  • Discover the 3 main triad types, how to hear them and how to sing them using Solfeggio (Like you’d learn in Berklee ear training classes for instance.)
  • How to master triads using the circle. This will give you harmonic control and accuracy that wannabe noodlers lack. This is the control that a real jazz musician has.Improvising over the blues using triads – from preparation to improvisation
  • And Much More...

"I remember that on our first piano lesson, Joel asked me to improvise, but I could barely play. Now I feel I can improvise melodically and not be frustrated like I used to be. I recently played with some other students at a jam session, and everyone said I sound so good!"

Zuo Wang
Jazz Pianist

"It is safe to say that I am a better player and improviser today because of Joel and that studying with him led to my acceptance at Conservatory and a decision to start a career in music. Now, as a gigging musician, we still keep in touch as colleagues and I consider him a great inspiration and mentor."

Josiah Reibstein
Jazz Tubist & Composer - Lexington, MA

"Proin nibh arcu, consectetur a odio nec, aliquet suscipit enim. Suspendisse aliquam, libero ac tincidunt suscipit, lacus quam commodo odio, nec faucibus arcu ante in odio. Proin ornare luctus massa, id hendrerit tellus auctor eu. Nullam eget egestas orci."

Charlotte Dumont
Job Title


You'll get lifetime access to all of the following:

Improv Lesson Videos

In these live action videos Joel will teach you the improvisation concepts and techniques you need to get you started blowing over real jazz tunes in all 12 keys.

Jazz Theory Lessons

Jazz Theory Lesson Videos will show you the theory necessary to take your improvisation chops to the next level and to start blowing over real jazz tunes.

Improv Demo Lessons

In these Improvisation Demo Videos Joel will walk you through key improvisation techniques and show you exactly how to practice them and put them use.

Call & Response

Finally, the Call & Response Videos will get your ears fired up and tuned in so you can play what you hear, easily recognize pitches & melodies by ear and unlock your own sound.

DFY Practice Routines

Each core lesson comes with a Plug-And-Play Practice Routine so you know exactly what to do next.

Course Handouts

All course ‘handouts’ are available as PDF’s and can be viewed on any device or printed out.

Original Lead Sheets

Lead sheets for all original tunes that our taught and utilized during the course.

Original Play Alongs

Each original tune also comes with a corresponding play-along practice-track so you can practice the concepts over real tunes.

Jazz Method Book

The book covers the entire method including all of the theory, improv techniques, and exercises you need to get your improv chops in shape.

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