The Jazz Ear Training Workshop

An Online Ear Training Master Class with Jazz Musician, Composer, & Educator, Joel Yennior

Good Ears =
Good Music

Simply put, stronger ears will
benefit your music in many ways:

Learn By Ear, Play What You Hear

Express Your Music Fluidly & Fluently

Sound Better At
Jam Sessions

Learn And Progress More Quickly

Easily Keep Your Place In The Form

Play More Interesting & Exciting Solos

Unlock And Feed Your Musical Creativity

Find And Develop Your Own Sound

Get The Respect You Want For Your Playing

Your Ears Have To Be Wide Open…like Antennas That Are Receiving The Music.

Jazz improvisation is really jazz composition - BY EAR - in real time. It's not luck or chance or random. The music comes from your inner ear, your musical memory, your aural imagination, and your listening skills.

But everything nowadays is turned around.

You see the old timer's had very little information about learning available to them - there were no music schools for them to learn jazz in.

Consequently, everyone learned in a personal ear…by going to gigs, checking out older cats, and listening to the records.

Today, cats learn the technique, the theory, and the mechanics first. Usually from a book.

And As A Result Many Cats Struggle With Jazz And It Just Never Clicks:

  • Their progress with jazz is slow and uncertain.
  • Many spend hours in the sheds practicing their butt off, yet they have no idea what to play when it came time for a session or rehearsal.
  • Their practice sessions are usually boring as hell and often even painful (Tendonitis, CTS, etc)
  • They lack confidence in their musical ability, especially on the bandstand.
  • They frequently get lost on tunes at jam sessions and lessons. #trainwreck #soembarrassing
  • They certainly can't sound & play the way they want to.
  • Worst of all, they don't feel like a REAL jazz musician; they don't feel like 'one of the cats'.

Yet, It Doesn't Have To
Be That Way:

You see, a musician needs killer ears.

And when YOU shift YOUR practicing to being ear-focused you can dramatically change your musical path:

  • Suddenly your progress with music will happen faster.
  • Improvising, soloing, and playing by ear will all become normal – you won’t ever be at a loss for what to play. #thingswillflow #thezone
  • When you engage your ears in the practice room, practice becomes more engaging, and time flys by. No more boring hours of mindless mechanical noodling.
  • As your ears get better you will naturally become more and more confident in your playing.
  • Getting lost on your solos won't even be a thing.
  • You’ll begin to play music the way YOU want it to sound.
  • You'll finally feel confident with your ability and like you can hang with the cats at your jam sessions.


When You Make Your Ears A Priority A New Musical World
Opens Up For You

The good news is that it’s never too late for you to make this shift from mechanical, thinking music to creative, expressive ear-focused music.

And I’m very excited to announce that my very good friend and musical partner Joel Yennior has decided to tackle this musical challenge head-on.

"Joel's course changed the way I think about, play, and hear both classical and jazz music. Joel is a wonderful teacher -- I found him really motivating and inspiring.

Joel uses clear language and simple examples that are you can immediately apply what you are learning in the course! "

Cindy Goodof
Jazz Pianist

"...I began taking lessons with Joel, and he could not have been more helpful.

As a virtuosic horn player, he is able to explain the methods behind his own playing and impart them on his students.

He can also play piano well which was extremely helpful during lessons in terms of understanding harmony, and he has a comprehensive knowledge of all styles of music, theory, and ear-training."

Josiah Reibstein,
Jazz Tubist and Composer

"Joel is a wonderful, responsible, experienced jazz teacher and has a great personality - I really admire him!"

Zuo Wang
Jazz Pianist


Hear What You Play, Play What You Hear.
The Jazz Ear Training Workshop Is an online multimedia jazz course featuring over 38 videos and over 3 and a half hours of ear training gold.


  • How to improve your listening skills so you can recognize song form, musical patterns and harmonic & rhythmic devices by ear.
  • Discover what to listen for, what to listen to, and how to listen so you can learn while you listen and develop your own unique style.
  • Learn the critical questions to ask while listening so you can expand your musical awareness and notice more in the music.
  • 5 ways to maximize your listening sessions so you learn & improve as much as possible
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of listening in a post-modern digital era.


  • How to internalize and master the building blocks of music so you can learn melodies by ear, sight sing new music and recognize chord tensions by ear.

  • How intervals work, how they sound and how to practice them so they become completely familiar to your ears

  • How to practice the most important 7ths chords so you can easily spell them, sing them and hear them.

  • How to use simple solfege syllables to master the building blocks (Like they teach at Berklee)

  • Discover how you can use the building blocks to compose and even transcribe by ear (with no instrument!)


  • Learn how to develop your musical memory so you can learn and retain melodies – tunes as well as language that you dig.

  • How to play what you hear and hear what you play – connecting your aural imagination to your instrument.

  • Discover how to expand your creative reservoir so you never run out of musical ideas again.

  • How to commit a melody to memory and appreciate the subtle nuances like tone and emotion.

  • How to use a simple audiation technique and the ‘Ran Blake’ exercise to feed your musical memory and shape your music the way you want it.


  • Discover how to develop harmonic control so you can have more flexibility, more confidence and never get lost on the changes.

  • How to develop the ability to ‘hear ahead’ on the changes.

  • How to simplify improvisation down to the point of easy so improvisation can become a regular and natural part of your musical activities.

  • Multiple play-along tracks so you can listen as well as practice your harmonic control over a backing track.

  • Discover how to utilize natural tension/release of guide tones to create forward motion in your solos.

We Want To Make It
Even Cooler For You:

There’s more awesome step by step ear training exercises,  content, and tips for you, in this one course than most cats get in 4 years of music school!

But there are two other areas that most cats struggle with besides Ear Training: Rhythm & Transcription. So, here's what else you're getting with The Jazz Ear Training Workshop:


  • How to use simple practice techniques to help you internalize rhythms and increase your ‘beat awareness’ (so you swing harder and never get turned around)

  • How to play, hear and transition between the different levels of rhythmic subdivisions so you don’t get stuck playing the same rhythms and feel over and over again.

  • How to practice improvising at different rhythmic subdivisions so it becomes natural for you to ‘mix it up’. This will add great variety to your solos and go a long way to help you shape your solos.

  • Discover how to practice, play, hear and master rhythmic displacement so you can create forward motion, tension & release and interest in your solos…and so you become VERY secure in the form.

  • Discover 20 essential jazz rhythms as well as additional syncopated rhythms you can add to your own vocabulary. Do you feel like you lack on the rhythmic side? Not anymore!


  • 8 Ways to Get Started With Transcription Even If You’ve Never Done It Before

  • Discover the Sing Test So You Know When You’re Ready To Start Transcribing the Solo

  • How to Use a Notation Pitch Map To Make Transcribing Easy and Doable

  • Discover 3 Powerful Transcription Tools You Can Use To Help You Transcribe Now

  • Use the ‘Listen & Play’ Technique to Capture Some of the Intangibles From the Records

Here's What You Get With Your Purchase Of The J.E.T.W

Course Videos

That’s over 38 jazz wisdom filled videos and over 3 and a half hours of content.

Audio Tracks

You also get audio tracks of every lesson so you can listen in your car, on the bus or however you prefer.

Play Along Tracks

You also get play along tracks so you can practice over real chords changes.

Echo Tracks

You’ll also get the interactive ‘echo tracks’ you will use to practice and develop your ears.

Course PDF's

You get all of the course worksheets and practice checklists.

Instant Access

It’s all available to stream right on the web, instantly.

Now Here's The Best Part:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can try the entire course out for 30 days. You can take your time and go through the material at your own pace. You could actually dramatically change your playing over the next 30 days using this musical ‘force multiplier’.

And if for any reason during the next 30 days you don’t feel that this was some of the most helpful, useful, beneficial teachings on playing jazz then you can get your money back.

  • You don’t have to talk to anyone on the phone.
  • You don’t have to fill out a survey.
  • You don’t have to jump through any hoops, whatsoever.

Just email us and tell us you want your money back. And we’ll do it. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

The Jazz Ear Training Workshop

An Online Ear Training Master Class with Jazz Musician, Composer, & Educator, Joel Yennior

So, If you’re ready... progress faster with your playing.
. never wonder what the heck to play on your solos. have fun in the practice room and appreciate music on a deeper and deeper level. become a more confident player and jazz musician, stop getting lost on your solos and play the music the way you hear it in your head. get more respect from the cats on your scene

Then I hope you’ll consider joining us in The Jazz Ear Training workshop. There is nothing more important for your music than your ears and your listening skills. Period.

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